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Lean production, with customer requirements as the pull, waste elimination and continuous improvement as the core, features the essence to enable enterprises to obtain remarkable improvement at minimum cost. Lean production has become a common choice for performance improvement to many enterprises in this low-profit generation.

In order to help China's enterprises to learn more about lean production system, strengthen plant's capability for continuous improvement. BESTWAY consultants have been organizing regular Trips to China's Model Plants for Lean Production, the purpose of the trip is to improve enterprises' knowledge and implementation skills for lean production through model plant visit, communication/sharing, problem discussion, in-person experience at the plant.
    Visit schedule

0.5day - Visit and benchmark plant case sharing

1 day- Combination of expert explanation and visit / discussion

2 days - The complete course is scheduled to be carried out in the benchmark plant

Enterprises are welcomed to form into one team with all of its own members


All plants have been assessed on site by BESTWAY experts

Passage ways used are all for employees instead of for visitors

Typical case sharing by related responsible persons

System explanation and Q&A by experts

The whole trip is delicately designed and organized


Learn lean experiences

Experience the power of lean

Discuss about confusions about lean production

Strengthen lean thinking

Know other lean people

    Part visiting facility
    Plant profile
SAIC Motor

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited is now the largest listed vehicle-making corporation on the Chinese A-share stock market. In 2011, SAIC Motor sold over 4 million vehicles, thus keeping its leadership on the domestic automotive market, and ranked among the Fortune Global 500 for the seventh time on the strength of a consolidated sales income of 54.257 billion US Dollars for the previous year, taking the 151st place there and rising by 72 places over 2010.

Highlights :
-Assembly Workshop - Plant layout (Process flow chart )
- ANDON system - staff positions Kanban
- Workshop team performance appraisal Kanban - rationalization proposals Kanban, improvement Kanban (process, quality)
- Working plan Section Kanban (safety, quality, response, cost, personnel)
- Visual
- Accessory - by artificial ingredients based order (frame, glass ), small pieces automatic transport through AGV c
- Item layout

Beijing West Industries Co. Ltd.

The company is a high-end chassis supplier who designs and produces braking and suspension system for global transportation tool market. and was granted China Lean Award in 2008 and 2008 Outstanding Lean Company of the Year issued by China Association for Quality.

Highlights :
- See the application of value stream mapping to the company's continuous improvement
- Observe innovative and unit application of standard operation to work processes
- Balanced production and fast changeover
- Observe how the company's KANBAN system works ( Tool , Stores , Maintain , Daily operation analysis )
- Experience TPM system application at the company
-Operator's ideal match to machines at each work station
- Gauges are tailored with fixed location, scrap boxes are classified, PM management center
Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon

Provide electronic product solution packages to automobile manufacturers. Obtained quite a lot of outstanding honors / awards from Shanghai municipal government and the state government.

Highlights :
- Visualization management on site
- Fast changeover
- U type cell layout and cell organization
- High-level 5S management
- Continuous improvement activity system
Tootle (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd.,

The full set of chicken essence production line, from material selection, ingredient preparation, to material feeding and processing, granulating and drying, high-temperature sterilization, and auto packing, developed and designed independently by Tootle (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd., reaches the internationally-advanced level, ensured the Tootle chicken essence with a good taste.

Highlights :
- Solid cultural philosophy
- Strict making procedure
- Value stream mapping
- Advanced error and mistake proofing tools
- Neat and clean 5S sites
- Fully-auto machine flow
- Perfect TPM
Suntory Beer (Kunshan)

Suntory Beer (Kunshan) co,Ltd,. was founded in 1998, with a total investment of us $ 100 million, it is one of the successful investments of the world's top 500 Japan Suntory in China. The company has first-class professional equipment, production series of high quality beer; the factory covers an area of 306,000 square, the greening rate is more than 30%.

Highlights :
- Equipment maintenance in process industries model (TPM)
- On-site 5S
- Watch the corporate culture
- Visit (visit Channel)
- Beer drinking
Williams Control

The world's largest supplier of electronic accelerator pedal for business cars, it supplies tailored product design for various vehicles,

Highlights :
- Plant management’s accurate understanding towards lean culture
- Human-oriented, encouragement-driven continuous improvement culture
- Solid on-site 5S management and effective implementation and management of standard operation
- Effective POKAYOKE system
- Multi-skill training for employees to support flexible production mode
- Unique product implementation/simulation platform
Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communications Company Ltd. (ENC)

mainly design, manufacture, sell, and install GSM/CDMA digital mobile communication system and remote control telephone exchange system. Obtained the title of “China’s Top 500 Largest Foreign-invested Enterprises” and ”China’s Top 100 High-tech Enterprise” in 2000, has become Ericsson’s system supply center in Asia-Pacific region.

Highlights :
- Clear-cut address system
- Application of KANBAN pull system
- Employee incentive system to support lean implementation
- Real-time OEE control
Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

the only joint venture in China that designs and manufactures high-end passenger buses and electric motor train units, the company completely introduced advanced international management system.

Highlights :
- Continuous improvement culture at production floor
- Improvement proposal and incentive system
- Unique balanced cell production
- KANBAN pull
- Extend material pull concepts to its suppliers
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