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Front-Line Supervisor Front-Line Supervisor
China – a big Manufacturing country, but not a great power of manufacturing. Moreover, the
following issues have posed a significant change and challenge to manufacturing enterprises currently:
1、 Continuous demand on customization
2、 Extra expectations on product
3、 Shorter and shorter product life cycle
4、 Internationalization of Product Standard
5、 Serious labor fluctuation
How to improve the leadership management skill in manufacturing industry?
How to face to the above changes?……
China's manufacturing industry is facing a huge transition pressure as the outbreak of the financial

crisis. How to make the transition from only focus on the market share to fine management of scientific and technological innovation, the enhancement of business management, factory continuous improvement, becomes the inherent requirements of the sustainable development of enterprises.……

Management & Leadership Management & Leadership
Today, the production is from large quantities to the lean mode, the enterprises division is increasingly,
market environment is undulate, the cost is raising ...
the problem is so much in the development of enterprises. Many authoritative research institutions showed that the most important question which troubled high-level and directors is: there are no highly effective middle managers to implement the corporate strategy. In actual business, the development of enterprises can not cross the status of the staff and team; ……
Lean Production Lean Production
Lean production was originated in the Toyota Production System (TPS).The purpose of lean
production is to realize the objective of “cutting costs, eliminating wastes and deriving maximum output from minimum input”. The lean production system takes “relentless pursuit of excellence” as a business objective and pursues continuous improvement in product quality, cost and service. This philosophy is the mental force driving lean production towards success. ……
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