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BESTWAY is one of the most complete and largest public seminars at domestic. We will hold more than 600 sessions public seminar in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin and Qingdao, etc. Covering Management & Leadership, Occupational Skills, Human Resource, Production Management, Purchase & Logistics Management, Quality Management, Sales & Customer Service, etc. It is particularly worth mentioning is that we subdivide more than 100 courses into 24 topics to provide a more comprehensive and more convenient choice for you.

Advantage introductions

1.System Comprehensive: 7 Series, 24 topics, more than 100 course, more than 600 periods all year round, the most
   system manufacturing course system in domestic, provide a strong guarantee for your public seminar
2.Novel combat: combined with the teaching form of scene simulation, practical drills, custom case, and actual
   combat in factories.)
3.Cost-effective: Multi-tiered price system meet the different training needs of the different levels, to provide you with
   more choice, the maximum to 50% discount , greatly reduces training costs under the premise of high quality
4.Peace of mind: System service processes and stable professional team to provide you with a detailed course,
   coupled with the diversity of quality assurance system to relieve your fear of disturbance in the rear.

Quality Assurance Commitment

1. Punctual Assurance: BESTWAY keeps high course holding rate up to 95%, if any changes, we will notice before
   one month to facilitate you early adjust your arrangement.
2. Trainer Assurance: Our trainer is strict system managed and assessed by the department of KMC (Knowledge
   Management Center). During the training, KMC will continue tracking the assessment.
3. Quality Assurance: Due to differences in company and participants, it is bound to have individual expectations can
   not be met. We commitment to make the appropriate treatment, when the participant challenged on the first day of
   the course.

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